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Bamboozle: America at war in the name of God, country and the need to buy a flat screen TV

By Dieter Niebler (non-fiction)
Americans have always been deceived by their leaders when the necessity for any given war was justified to the public at large. How else do you convince a farm boy from Kansas to pick up a gun and blow some guy's brain out in a foreign land which three months earlier he would have been hard pressed to find out on a map?

How did a free society allow itself to become bamboozled into wars for the purpose of mainly mercantile objectives? How were wars and entanglements justified at the time to the American public? Is there an antidote against bamboozle?

Bamboozle is a compelling new book from Toronto-based lawyer Dieter Niebler (

And She Shall Be a Blessing

By Sharon Chisvin (fiction)
Thirty-eight-year-old Reva Lepkin returns to her hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba after a 20-year absence. Reva had left Winnipeg immediately after high school graduation in the late 1970s, desperate to get away from her parents and from the small local Jewish community in which she had been raised, a community in which everyone knows everyone else's business.

She wanted to explore the world, experience life, and buck tradition. Now, two decades later, single parenthood has exhausted her and middle age has begun to stalk her. She is often lonely and often tired, and for the first time ever, she begins to regret all the time that she has been away.

And She Shall Be A Blessing is a story about love, grief, memory and forgiveness.

10 Provinces in 10 Weeks to Find Mr. Right

By Sarah Rowland (non-fiction)
Sarah Rowland thought finding a life partner in her 30s would be just as easy as finding a boyfriend was in her 20s. After spending a few years as a dating columnist in Vancouver, Sarah has decided to take her show on the road.

In 10 Provinces in 10 Weeks to Find Mr. Right, Sarah dates a different guy every day, which works out to 70 dates in 70 days. It's a rather unorthodox (not to mention exhausting) way to meet a man, but anything's better than waiting for him to knock on the door, right?

Dark Times

By Daniel Kroft (fiction - young adult)
Dark Times is an action packed coming of age story about a young man named Matt, who enters his rebellious teenage years with a vivid imagination, over-protective parents and the discovery of a family secret.

Soon Matt's surroundings, and people in them, begin to change into those between the covers of his favourite book, a fantasy thriller called Dark Times - and his very own parents evolve into the most evil of them all! Now Matt must go head on against the two villains, and find a way to reverse the icy spell that has been cast over their lives. However, if he does this…what will happen to his parents?


By Rosina Sinopoli (fiction)
A drama of rejection, revenge and redemption, Beloved is the story of the daughter of an ill-fated Italian family. Following an early life of poverty and servitude, Clara is banished from her home in the southern Italian town of Amato, and she moves to the Canadian Prairies, where her resourcefulness and intelligence open doors she never imagined existed.

"Move over Danielle Steele! Winnipegger Rosina Sinopoli has a juicy tale to tell in her first novel…" - Maureen Scurfield, Winnipeg Free Press

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