Except My Love For You by John Hodgert

Gordon Strachan had it all. Now all he has is the Minimum List - less than seventy items; the minimal number of possessions he figures a man needs to survive and be content.

Once a leader in Winnipeg's business community, Gordon now takes the bus every day from his walk-up apartment to his new job as a labourer at a North End furniture factory. This is just the way he wants it - even if his friends and ex-wife don't quite understand.

Except My Love For You is a love song to a generation and to the different paths our lives can take.

In addition, a companion collection of original songs the author has dubbed "a musical soundtrack to the life of the characters" has been recorded by the Meadowlark Orchestra. The songs are available at www.exceptmyloveforyou.com.

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About the author:

John Hodgert is a retired financier and life-long poet and musician - more alive than ever, and living in Winnipeg. Except My Love For You is his first novel. John is married and has two children.

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